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Malachi Shanks has a passion for all things old and interesting, his fascination for antiques and unusual collectibles has seen him travel the length and breadth of Ireland sourcing items for his clients and his own personal collection. 

Malachi established E Street Antique and Vintage so he can offer buyers an excellent selection of antique and vintage furniture, fine art and collectibles under all categories. 

E Street Antique & Vintage 

E Street Antique & Vintage offers clients a wide range of antique and vintage quality pieces of furniture, fine art and collectibles from all periods. We offer many unique and retro pieces that would appeal to all tastes, not just sales to the general public but also to the wider business community. 
The market for antiques, fine art and collectibles has continued to soar from generation to generation. It is important to remember that the antique business is one that will never go out of fashion. People will always appreciate the rare and the unusual. 
Our merchandise ranges from 17th and 18th century paintings by Dutch Masters to an eclectic range of furniture and collectibles. 
We also aim to facilitate the sourcing of unusual and particular antiques for our clients. 

Looking for a special piece? 

We travel far and wide with a passion for sourcing unique and stylish pieces that would be stunning in any setting, home or business. We also specialise in locating specifically requested pieces for our clients. 
Browse and purchase from our online collection, or take a look at our Sold Items to see if there is anything you want us to source for you – if we had it once it’s a good chance we can get the same or similar piece again. 

More About Malachi 

Malachi Shanks is an entrepreneur with over twenty years experience in the antique, retail trade and the services industry. His main interest has always been in collecting rare and beautiful items of furniture, artworks and unique collectibles. He has decided to use his business acumen and success to make antiques his sole area of endeavour. Malachi is a consummate professional with a multitude of ideas and plans to ensure that  
E Street Antique & Vintage‘ will become a showcase for excellence, innovation and wonder. 
Where did this enthusiasm for antiques originate? 
Malachi’s grandmother was a lover and collector of antiques. His mother is an art historian and lecturer and was the proprietor of an antique, vintage and collectible store in New York State for a number of years. His aunt is an acclaimed artist and his uncle an art collector. In earlier days he observed his mother at auctions and ‘was bitten by the bug‘ and decided the world of antiques was where he wanted to be.  
You are invited in to browse through E Street Antique and Vintage's online shop and see the marvelous array of collectibles Malachi has available to buy on-line. 
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